When you check your child in, you will receive two security tags. These tags will have all your child’s information on it (name, allergies, birthday) and will also have a security number on it. You will put the one with the child’s name on it on your child and you will keep the other half for when you pick up your kid from class. Please have this ready when you pick up your child. Also if for any reason during class time your child needs you or the teacher has a question for you we will call you via the call system. If you are paged you will see your child’s number on the digital monitors in the front of the sanctuary. If for some reason your child’s number appears on the digital monitor, please quietly excuse yourself and promptly go to your child’s classroom.

For security purposes we do have occupancies listed on our classrooms, this is for your child and the teacher’s safety. We use DHS guidelines to help regulate our classrooms. It allows us to properly care for your child/children during the service. If you would like to make sure your child has a spot in the classroom, our check in stations open at 8:30 for the first service and 10:30 for the second service.  If you have any questions you can always reach me at (580)-302-2218 or Kids@libertychurchonline.com