We provide a private room at the back of our sanctuary for nursing mothers. This room has rocking chairs, snacks for mommy, and a TV screen that livestreams the service so you can stay connected to what is going on while you nourish your child. Due to limited space and privacy, we do ask that only women use this space. Fathers, we also know that you need to tend to your little ones. You are welcome to use our nursery to change diapers and tend to your infant's needs.

If you would like to keep your infant child with you during service instead of checking them into our nursery, we reserve the back rows of the sanctuary for parents with young children. This is provided to you for easy entrance and exit as needed when caring for little ones. You are not obligated to sit in these rows, but know that they are available to you if you would like. We love families and are very happy to have you!


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